Family Support Workbook Feedback

I came closer to my Savior.

  • The Lord will always send angels in our desperation. This workbook and all its contents have been my angel. It has saved me. Each time I go through it I get one more step closer to my Savior and His peace and joy. The shackles of pain are melting away. I am so grateful to have access to this book and I pray that women everywhere (and I know that so many women suffer in debilitating loneliness) can gain access to this healing tool.
  • Until I found this workbook, I thought that there was no help for someone in my situation. The Healing Through Christ workbook seems like it was written just for me. I have really loved seeing how the Gospel of Jesus Christ applies to my situation. The general authority quotes have been so powerful. In addition to all of the amazing church related information, the AA, Al-Anon quotes are powerful and speak to me. I have read and reread the steps dozens of times. Each time I feel the spirit so strong and it gives me hope.
  • Because of the “Healing Through Christ” workbook, I have come to know my Savior and my Heavenly Father better than I have ever known them before. I am progressing and recognizing weaknesses that I need to overcome, and it feels so good to be able to do so! I spent way too many years blaming my husband for all of my problems, and feeling like a victim.
  • This workbook, with the appendices, has not just given me lessons and experiences to use and implement, but has provided me with clear, concise, and understandable information to really show me how to access the atonement in my life. This has been life changing for me. I literally have used the workbook and support group meetings to make growth in my life both spiritually and emotionally. I learned how to leave behind the dysfunctional and be perfected in my Savior, Jesus Christ. This has enabled me to move forward and progress in ways that are leading me back to the presence of the Father and the Son. This family support workbook has blessed me, my family, and all I interact with. It has made all the difference!
  • When I first started attending other family support group meetings, I was filled with anger, resentment, bitterness, and self-pity. I felt angry with God, as well as with my husband. I didn’t want to come to meetings. I attended for a while, but never could grasp how I could benefit from working the Steps. When our group started using the “Healing Through Christ” workbook. I finally began to see how the 12 Steps applied to my life and how I could use them as a tool to find the peace and healing that I wanted. I began to see a difference in the other sisters in the group as well. The venting and husband bashing began to diminish, and the focus on improving our own relationship with our Savior and allowing Him to change our lives began to be a common goal.
  • After having attended S-anon and traditional 12 Step groups for the past 10 years…the “Healing through Christ” workbook is nothing short of a miracle! I feel like my sufferings are finally being acknowledged. I am finally learning how to overcome them and fully come unto my Savior down a path that is designed for someone who has suffered much. This has made the one-size-fits-all Gospel fit me.

My family was saved.

  • Saving families and marriages is the noblest of causes and this workbook has done that for hundreds and hundreds of people.
  • I am so grateful for the “Healing Through Christ” support group meetings and the workbook. It has helped me stay in my marriage and to work on improving me and leaving my husband to God. I feel it has truly saved my life and sanity. It has also helped me in dealing with my wayward adult child. These steps can help everybody.
  • This family support workbook has been my life line. I would have probably ended my marriage if I had not found it. It has taught me how to love as God would love and how to love myself.
  • I have attended family support meetings for 3 years, and am astounded by how quickly the sisters gain an understanding of how to deal with their struggle in a healthy, faith-filled, compassionate way. They are able to let go of their anger and bitterness and feelings of betrayal so much more quickly and effectively than they were before this workbook was in use, and many more marriages are being worked on and saved instead of ending in divorce.
  • We have a sister in our group that has been attending meetings for a long time. She had many children and a very unhappy marriage. She would come to the meetings filled with rage, anger and lots of negative things to say about her husband. After about her fifth week of seriously working the “Healing Through Christ” workbook, she became a new woman. Studying and applying the principles from the workbook took her from a place of anger and resentment, to a place of compassion and healing. This is what “Healing Through Christ” has the potential to do. The workbook can assist and guide families from a place of anger, fear, and hard-hearted codependent behavior, to a place of forgiveness, peace humility, compassion and love.

I found healing.

  • I am so amazed that such a short manual has brought me the power and understanding I needed to change such a devastating trial into one of the most growth-filled, spiritual experiences of my life.
  • This book, to those who have never experienced the level of betrayal and hurt that comes from finding out about a loved one’s addiction to pornography, might seem plain and simple. That is the thing about this book that I love. I walked into my support group so very broken and didn’t even really know if I believed I could really heal from my heartache. I needed simple, plain truths tailored specifically to me, and that is exactly what I found.
  • I wish I could show you the difference I see in the lives of the women who are part of our Healing Through Christ support group. When they first join in, we usually see one of two responses; either they are so angry that they can barely see straight and they are just looking for an excuse to end their marriage, or their hearts are crushed in a million pieces. For some it takes only a few weeks, for others a few months, but hope and joy return to their lives. It’s an amazing transformation to watch and it comes from being guided by the inspired workbook. Our group has commented several times that we hope more and more sisters around the world are led to this workbook.
  • I thank my Father daily for the miracle of this program, the miracle of the Healing Through Christ workbook. I pray daily that it will come to light as soon as possible for those women who are still searching. I waited 10 years to be introduced to this process of healing and I pray daily that somehow soon, it will be there for the world to see.
  • The Healing Through Christ workbook has changed my life. I love who I am becoming. I love my husband, and our marriage is improving all the time. It has saved my life. I am so grateful for the inspiration that has gone into this book, and for my Heavenly Father leading me to it just when I needed it.
  • I never thought that after just 9 months from learning my husband has been addicted to the point of infidelity our entire 9 years of marriage that I would be in this place of healing that I am. I may have eventually found healing on my own, but after how many years of suffering and at what cost: my health, my children, my calling, and my husband?? I can’t express my gratitude enough for finding the “Healing Through Christ” workbook and having access to a book that is tailored for me to find healing!!
  • I came to the Family Support Group meeting broken and afraid. I was sure of my testimony, I was sure of my divinity, and I was sure that the Savior could heal me and my husband. But I did not have the strength or the clarity of thought to even know where to begin. There was no relief from the pain I felt. When I saw that there was a workbook written specifically for me, I had the first light of hope in years. Given the steps in “Healing Through Christ,” I was able to get out of bed each morning and know what I could do at that moment in my healing. When I realized that it included appendixes for clarification and understanding, I knew the Lord was answering my prayers.
  • Recently I’ve had my life just crumble in front of me. Struggles I never thought I would face have become my comrades and I’ve felt lost. This workbook has helped because it shows me how to overcome my struggles and how to still find joy even when the world around me is falling apart. I haven’t figured it all out, and am still working on overcoming my fear and codependence, but the appendix has been key in my healing process because it helped me identify behaviors and feelings I needed to change. They have made me more aware of what I can do to change the way I feel and react to others around me to help bring me more peace.

I felt validated and understood.

  • If I had to sum up what is the most important part of this workbook, it is that it “Feels like HOME”,…meaning, it feels like a Sunday School, Relief Society, or Home Evening lesson! It feels like Christ! It feels good to our hurting hearts. It feels like someone cares, someone has been listening to our hearts, and someone, somewhere, somehow knows what this pain feels like and has given us the Balm of Gilead and somehow wrapped us in the arms of the Savior and sent us back to our families better than when we came in!
  • I feel so blessed that I happened to find the “Healing Through Christ” workbook, because I needed a book tailored to my language and my understanding. I LOVE that the steps are the exact same steps that my husband is working on, but that the language, the quotes, the scriptures, and everything about this book is tailored to me as a spouse who needs healing in a different way than my husband needs healing.
  • Reading the workbook was as if someone had crawled into my heart and written down all of the stuffed emotions that were buried under there. I had never been able to put certain feelings into words, and the workbook really helped me to realize I wasn’t alone, provide a path out, and show me how to take each tiny little step to get out of my hole. I’m in such a better place. I feel more peace with myself than I ever have. I feel good. I have so much more patience for myself and don’t waste as much time with self-loathing and criticism. I’m so grateful for the steps!
  • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you….for this program of “Healing through Christ” and for being sensitive to our needs and the desires of our hearts to feel hope and peace again!
  • More than twenty years ago, we discovered that our son was addicted to tobacco–later drugs and alcohol. Our son was lost to us. At times I was very afraid of him because his behavior was so strange, unpredictable and even threatening. His friends were frightening. I shed so many tears, I literally cried myself out. I felt like a failure. I constantly asked myself where I had gone wrong as his mother. Two years ago I was introduced to a workbook that was actually written for me (and anyone who has a loved one trapped in addiction). Finally, I found Hope. Over the next two years, as I used the workbook, “Healing Through Christ”, I saw men and women, devastated by the addiction of their family members, find the healing and the hope they so desperately sought. Why was I better able to find the help and healing I needed by using this workbook instead of other resources? It is because it was specifically written for me and for those like me. It addresses the things we need to know and understand in order to deal with our loved ones struggling with addiction. I have an alcoholic son who lives with us. If it were not for this workbook, I would have been a total wreck. I have learned about co-dependency, how to love him even when I felt he was unlovable, and how to turn my aching heart over to my Heavenly Father. The workbook is wonderful! So many other mothers and fathers I have spoken with feel the same way.

My life was blessed.

  • I feel so fortunate to [have found] the Healing Through Christ workbook, including the all-important appendices. This manual has been like manna from heaven, helping distill peace and comfort on me in a time of incredible turmoil.
  • The family support “Healing Through Christ” workbook has changed my life. Each page to me has been essential. Everything I have read has helped me heal and because it is a dynamic, living work, it continues to help me heal and progress. Thank you for this wonderful workbook that has saved my life.
  • It has been such an amazing opportunity to participate in the “Healing Through Christ” support group meetings. I felt that the Lord compiled the information that I needed to be able to heal and move forward in my life.
  • This workbook has been an absolute blessing and miracle in my life. I know that it is exactly what someone who is in my situation needs. I like to call it, “using the atonement for dummies” When you are blindsided by this challenge, you feel very lost and alone. I felt like there was no hope. This workbook creates hope. It guides you on a journey to healing for yourself, your family and your marriage.
  • These materials, the Healing Through Christ workbook and all the appendices, have been like water to a parched desert traveler who was close to taking the last breath. Life saving.
  • We moved about a year ago, and our first week at church the bulletin mentioned support groups in our area for addiction recovery and support for family members, as well. They started using the “Healing Through Christ” workbook, and so I spent the first week pouring over the book preparing for our first meeting. First, let me say that there are times when you open a book and start reading from the first paragraph and know that it is inspired of God. I felt that. At the end of the first week, I started praying and fasting that this program will be available as soon as the Lord thinks it is ready for the many brothers, sisters, parents, and children that are struggling with a loved one in addiction. I know that it was inspired by God and that I moved here, in part, so that I could participate in this program.