About the Family Support Workbook

The Healing Through Christ Family Support Workbook was written to help family members meet the challenges of having a loved one trapped in addiction and assists them on their journey of healing, as they rely upon the enabling power of our Savior, Jesus Christ. The workbook was written from an LDS perspective, using quotes from LDS General Authorities, the scriptures and many other valuable resources. It was developed over a period of five years and field tested in numerous 12 Step support groups throughout the United States and Canada.

Workbook Feedback

Family members who have applied the spiritual principles in our workbook, share their faith, hope and experience:

I came closer to my Savior.

  • The Lord will always send angels in our desperation. This workbook and all its contents have been my angel. It has saved me. Each time I go through it I get one more step closer to my Savior and His peace and joy. The shackles of pain are melting away. I am so grateful to have access to this book and I pray that women everywhere (and I know that so many women suffer in debilitating loneliness) can gain access to this healing tool.
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My family was saved.

  • Saving families and marriages is the noblest of causes and this workbook has done that for hundreds and hundreds of people.
  • I am so grateful for the “Healing Through Christ” support group meetings and the workbook. It has helped me stay in my marriage and to work on improving me and leaving my husband to God. I feel it has truly saved my life and sanity. It has also helped me in dealing with my wayward adult child. These steps can help everybody.
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I found healing.

  • I am so amazed that such a short manual has brought me the power and understanding I needed to change such a devastating trial into one of the most growth-filled, spiritual experiences of my life.
  • This book, to those who have never experienced the level of betrayal and hurt that comes from finding out about a loved one’s addiction to pornography, might seem plain and simple. That is the thing about this book that I love. I walked into my support group so very broken and didn’t even really know if I believed I could really heal from my heartache. I needed simple, plain truths tailored specifically to me, and that is exactly what I found.
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I felt validated and understood.

  • If I had to sum up what is the most important part of this workbook, it is that it “Feels like HOME”,…meaning, it feels like a Sunday School, Relief Society, or Home Evening lesson! It feels like Christ! It feels good to our hurting hearts. It feels like someone cares, someone has been listening to our hearts, and someone, somewhere, somehow knows what this pain feels like and has given us the Balm of Gilead and somehow wrapped us in the arms of the Savior and sent us back to our families better than when we came in!
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My life was blessed.

  • I feel so fortunate to [have found] the Healing Through Christ workbook, including the all-important appendices. This manual has been like manna from heaven, helping distill peace and comfort on me in a time of incredible turmoil.
  • The family support “Healing Through Christ” workbook has changed my life. Each page to me has been essential. Everything I have read has helped me heal and because it is a dynamic, living work, it continues to help me heal and progress. Thank you for this wonderful workbook that has saved my life.
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